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Kayaking Videos and DVDs

Amplify Video

Amplify DVD Only - $29.95
Amplify is a DVD designed to teach the latest in freestyle kayaking technique.

Covers everything from the most basic freestyle moves to the latest, craziest combo moves.

35 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Kayak Fitness Video

Kayak Fitness DVD Only - $24.95
Whether you are new to the sport, a weekend paddler or a professional, Kayak Fitness will improve your fitness, make you stronger and keep you motivated.

The Kayak Fitness on-land work out program is designed to develop the ultimate kayaking body by targeting the main muscle groups used for paddling: back, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms, and abs. To provide total body muscle balance, elevate the heart rate and provide an added challenge, each upper body segment incorporates lower body work as well.

Using the latest in DVD technology, Kayak Fitness allows you to create your own workouts and sequences to fit your personal needs and time.

You'll learn: Core strength, warm up, and stretching exercises; chest and back workouts; shoulder and forearm workouts; and triceps and biceps workouts.

90 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting DVD

Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting DVD - $29.95
Two great videos for the price of one! A special, double feature DVD consisting of the award winning video Liquid Skills (2002 Paddler Magazine's Best Instructional), and the video SOAR - Skills On All Rivers. Together, these videos cover an awesome set of skills guaranteed to improve your paddling, whether you're just beginning to kayak, a competent paddler looking for that edge, or a highly experienced paddler looking to kick bad habits.

Learn the fundamental strokes and concepts, the roll, safety techniques, fundamental playboating techniques, creekboating techniques, big water paddling techniques, and much more!

Liquid Skills: An award-winning instructional video of beginner and intermediate whitewater kayaking technique. Covers all the fundamental strokes, skills, concepts and moves. Provides an awesome foundation for beginners entering the sport, and a huge help for experienced paddlers wanting to kick bad habits.

SOAR: A cutting edge instructional video of intermediate and advanced whitewater kayaking technique. Looks closely at the essential strokes, river running techniques, creekboating techniques, big water paddling techniques, and river safety issues. Provides amazing insight into how to get the most out of your kayak. Your paddling is guaranteed to improve, and your confidence on challenging whitewater will SOAR!

Length - Over 2 hours!  (2004)
DVD - All Region.

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