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Pilates, the complete workout to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body.

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Classical Pilates Technique with Consideration of the Neck & Back Video

Classical Pilates Technique with Consideration of the Neck & Back
This DVD contains a full Pre-Pilates section, as well as three complete Classical Pilates modified mat levels to help facilitate safety and stability of the neck and back while you enjoy your refreshing workouts. Another goal of this program is to help you safely increase strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility for the entire body.

110 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Classical Pilates Kids & Young Adults Video

Classical Pilates Kids & Young Adults
Classical Pilates Inc. demonstrates a wonderful curriculum of safe and effective Classical Pilates exercises for children ages 5-12, and workouts for young adults ages 13-17, which help improve: Personal body image, mental concentration, injury prevention, strength & flexibility, weight management, self-esteem & confidence, coordination & balance.

75 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Pilates BodyBand Workout Kit with Pilates BodyBand Video

Pilates BodyBand Workout Kit with Pilates BodyBand Video DVD Only - $29.98
Kit includes 3 body bands and Pilates BodyBand Workout Video with Ana Caban. It increases flexibility and coordination and is great for seniors.

40 mins.  (1986/2005)
DVD - All Region

Method Pilates - Target Zones Video

Balanced Zones VHS Only - $14.95
For developing beautifully balanced lines and symmetry, Target Zones features simple, structured movements and positions inspired by the techniques of classical dance and yoga masters, and by the work of Joseph H. Pilates. The Upper Body Zone: Strength and Flexibility of the arms, upper back, and shoulders; The Abdominal Zone: The body's center of strength and energy; The Lower Body Zone: Strength of the buttocks and hip muscle, the strength and flexibility of the legs and for overall posture and balance. Counters the bulking effects of excessive weight training; helps develop long, firm muscles and flexible joints; re-shapes body lines.

90 minutes.
VHS - NTSC format only (Canada, USA).

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