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Rockabilly Guitar Lessons

Rockabilly guitar lessons - learn the searing sound of 50s rockabilly guitar. Learn to play rockabilly guitar or improve your skills with instructional video lessons.

Rockabilly Guitar - Lesson One Video

Rockabilly Guitar Lesson One DVD Only - $29.95
Author: Jim Weider. Jim teaches the country fingerpicking that Scotty Moore used on Elvis Presley's early hits; shows how Duane Eddy got his twangy sound; and highlights how Paul Burlison's single-string lead work influenced Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and others.

Includes music + tab. Early Intermediate Level.  90 mins.
DVD - All Region.

Rockabilly Guitar - Lesson Two Video

Rockabilly Guitar Lesson Two DVD Only - $29.95
Author: Jim Weider. In this lesson, Jim analyzes and demonstrates the great trademark licks and rhythm patterns of Chuck Berry and the innovative solos of Eddie Cochran.

Includes music + tab. Early Intermediate Level.  85 mins.
DVD - All Region.

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