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Dance Music CD

Dance music for ballroom, Latin, swing, line dance, square dancing, Irish, Ceili, jazz, tap, lyrical, break dance, hip hop, bellydance, ballet and American favorites.

Christy Lane's Sports Music and Novelty Themes Music CD

Novelty Themes Music Music CD - $19.95 DVD

Over 50 of the best-known sport themes, marches, cheers and sound effects used by professional DJ’s throughout the country.

From the “Rocky” theme to “Chariots of Fire” to the “Charge!” cheer, this CD can be used as a substitute for a school band, background music for any sporting event, PE activity, class or a dance performance. These tracks sound exactly like the originals! The best production quality you will ever hear! Recommended for all ages.

Track Listing:
SPORTS CHEER - 1. Charge! (organ); 2. Charge! (trumpet); 3. Motivator; 4. Let's Go; 5. One; 6. Rock You; 7. Na Na Hey Hey; 8. Land of 1,000 Dances; 9. Rock & Roll Part 2; 10. Mission Impossible; 11. Chariots of Fire; 12. Sirius; 13. Notre Dame Fight Song; 14. Sweet Georgia Brown; 15. Rocky; 16. Take Me Out to the Ballgame; 17. William Tell Overture; 18. Washington Post March.

NOVELTY SONGS - 19. 2001 Space Odyssey; 20. 20th Century Fox; 21. Olympic Theme; 22. Carnival - Gladiators March; 23. Circus- Over the Waves; 24. Politics - Hail to the Chief; 25. Military - Stars & Stripes Forever; 26. Candy - The Candyman; 27. Camp - Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda; 28. Cruise - Gilligan's Island; 29. Beauty - Miss America; 30. Patriotic - Yankee Doodle Dandy; 31. Royalty - Masterpiece Theatre; 32. Desert - Fanfare for the Common Man; 33. Strange - Twilight Zone; 34. Scary - Jaws; 35. Friends - Thank You For Being a Friend; 36. Friends - As long as we've got each other; 37. TV - Entertainment Tonight; 38. Talent - Star Search Theme; 39. Hawaiian - Aloha Oe; 40. Surfing - Hawaii Five-O; 41. Broadway - Lullaby of Broadway; 42. Mardi Gras - When the Saints Come Marching In; 43. Sneaky - Pink Panther Theme; 44. Anticipation - Techno Entrance; 45. Hip Hop - Techno Entrance.

BONUS TRACKS: SOUND EFFECTS - 46. Siren; 47. Bell; 48. Buzzer; 49. Gong; 50. Laugh Track; 51. Applause; 52. Applause with Whistles; 53. Rim Shot ;54. Drum Roll; 55. Drum Roll (Long); 56. Conga Noises; 57. Ahhhhh; 58. Wah Wah Wah; 59. Shhhhhh.

Chicago El Stop Audio CD

Chicago El Stop Audio CD
Chicago El Stop Audio CD
CD - $16.99 DVD

Gone are the classic moves from the soul oldies years, and gone are even the very mellow, very slow steps from the 90s -- and in their place are some more upbeat, full body-styled moves -- showing a definite influence from the hip hop generation.

Slides include the Turbo, Jamie Foxx, Wobble, El Stop, Wobble, Twist, James Brown, Cupid, Steppers, AKA Gangster, and the Woody Pop!

Dance Class - New Music for Barre & Centre CD

Dance Class - New Music for Barre & Centre CD
Dance Class - New Music for Barre & Centre CD
CD Only - $25.00

This album presents the artistry of Whit Kellogg and Antoinette Peloso in a diverse repertoire arranged for the ballet class. Entries for barre & centre can be interchanged and used for combinations other than those designated on the disc. This CD features longer bands with no repeats. We hope these selections will inspire teachers and students alike.

Whit Kellogg has been a member of the Metropolitan Opera Music Staff for over twenty years. Primarily involved with dancers and choreographers, he has in the process worked with a vast array of singers intimately involved with most choreographic efforts. For nineteen years he was musical director of the Chautauqua Summer Dance Program and performed as soloist with the Chautauqua Symphony. He also plays for New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and the School of American Ballet for whom he recently performed Chopiniana at the Juilliard Theater. For two summers he has been on the coaching staff of the Bel Canto Institute in New Paltz, New York. He can be seen in MGM’s film adaptation of John Guare’s “Six Degrees of Separation”.

Antoinette Peloso was a long-time member and principal dancer with the Metropolitan Opera Company at New York’s Lincoln Center. During her tenure she had the opportunity to work with opera’s brightest stars as well as many ballet luminaries, including; George Balanchine, Alvin Ailey, Antony Tudor, Natalia Makarova, Fernando Bujones and Antony Dowell. Born and raised in New Mexico, at age thirteen Antoinette auditioned for and won admission to England’s Royal Ballet School. Over the next five years she received extensive training in classical and character techniques. Working with the Royal Ballets’ top coaches and teachers, she was schooled in the Vaganova and Cechetti methods. After graduating with Honors she returned to the United States and began dancing professionally in New York. In addition to her seasons at the Metropolitan Opera, Antoinette has been a guest artist with numerous ballet companies, dancing roles in; Giselle, Swan Lake, Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Spartacus and Les Sylphides, among others. In recent years she has been teaching Technique & Pointe classes in New York.

Lisa Harris Collection - 2 Disc CDs

Lisa Harris Collection - 2 Disc CDs
Lisa Harris Collection - 2 Disc CDs
CD Only - $40.00 CD

A double CD extravaganza! Perfect for teachers, students and professionals. Over 80 tracks of ballet music recorded on a Steinway grand piano, beautifully arranged for the barre and center. Longer bands include a variety of petit allegros, grand allegros and lots of adagios. Enjoy!

Between the Barres - Music for the Ballet Class - 2 Disc CDs

Between the Barres-Music for the Ballet Class- 2 Disc CDs
Between the Barres-Music for the Ballet Class- 2 Disc CDs
CD Only - $29.95 CD

81 Tracks on 2 CDs. Between the Barres is a compilation of original LP volumes 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Christy Lane's Stretch and Yoga Music CD for Children

Christy Lane's Stretch and Yoga Music
Music CD Only - $19.95
Soothing enjoyable music for children that is so needed in today's times. This instrumental CD includes the perfect tempo for stretching and great variety from Native American drums to orchestrated "clouds".

This CD is a great resource for teachers and a great way to encourage the mind to work with the body.

Playlist: 1. Morning Smiles; 2. Gentle Nature; 3. Reflections; 4. Floating on Raindrops; 5. Call to Nature; 6. Opening Blossoms; 7. Cloud Sailing; 8. Nursery Rhyme Stretch; 9. Happy Thoughts; and 10. Nature Calls Back.


Champcheer and Dance Mix Volume 2 CD

Champcheer and Dance Mix Volume 2 CD CD - $24.95
By Mark Coleman, part owner and coach of the Pep Club All-Stars; former cheerleader at Vanderbilt University and the University of Kentucky.

Tracks #1-4 are Mega Mixes of the original mixes at 141 BPM; Tracks #5-12 are the original 8 mixes at 135 BPM; and Tracks #13-20 are the same mixes (Tracks #5-12) at 141 BPM.


Champcheer and Dance Mix Volume 1 CD

Champcheer and Dance Mix Volume 1 CD CD - $24.95
By Mark Coleman, part owner and coach of the Pep Club All-Stars and former cheerleader at Vanderbilt University and the University of Kentucky.

Champcheer and Dance Mix Volume 1 contains 10 slamming, in-your-face jams with quick transitions that fit the fast-paced style of today's cheer and dance routines! Included are two versions of all 10 tracks - 20 total audio tracks! Tracks 1-10 are at 138 BPM (beats per minute). Tracks 11-20 are the same mixes as 1-10 but at 141 BPM. The 141 BPM faster tracks are specially formatted for experienced Dance and All-Star Cheer teams.

Champcheer and Dance Mix Volume 1 is the only dual-format disk of its kind. Not only is the disk packed with blazing, upbeat tracks, but there are wave files included that allow customizing of the tracks. The wave files are included as a bonus and will save you the time and effort of ripping the tracks! The wave files include tons of extras including instrumental backbeat versions of all 10 tracks. These files were the backbone of all of the tracks and can now be added to other songs and routines to jazz them up! All of the wave files are "Acidized" and ready to be used in Sony's Acid or other compatible looping software. The Bonus files are labeled with the number of beats in the name (Laser Boom 2) to help with looping. However, if you load them into Acid that information is preloaded and ready to go! The Sound FX in the Bonus files are all licensed and/or original! Champcheer & Dance Mix #1 includes a variety of styles and is not monotonous techno.


How to BreakDance Volume 3 & 4 Soundtrack CD

CD - $12.00
The latest CD is here and is thumping with music so you can break and pop too. The long awaited music soundtrack CD from volume How to Breakdance 3 & 4 by Breaker brings you all the tracks from 3 and 4 and more. It includes 17 awesome tracks to get you up and moving non-stop .... this one will get you going!  (2004)

Zoot CD

Zoot CD CD - $14.95
Check out this fantastic contemporary Swing band! The same band that plays in the video set, Learn to Swing Dance, this CD offers the greatest Swing Music, ideal for dancing! Songs include: Got My Eyes On You; We're Only In It For The Swing; Abyss; If You Leave Me Baby; Zoots Me Fine; Better Days; Ana Mae; That Smile; This Feeling; Schwing; and  Zoot.

Let's Do Ballroom! CD

Let's Do Ballroom CD CD - $19.95

A great collection of music for Ballroom, Latin and other couple dances compiled by America’s most respected dance teacher, Christy Lane. Featuring favorite songs with the perfect tempo for each style of dance including the Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Salsa, Polka, East and West Coast Swing, Merengue, Tango, Mambo, and Rhumba.

All of these songs on one disc make it easy for your dance practice. Enjoy this quality produced CD! Recommended for all ages. Especially recommended to get you in a good mood! 27 songs in all.

See also Ballroom Videos and DVDs

Complete Guide to Latin Dancing Music CD

  CD - $19.95
From Cuba to Mexico to Argentina, this professionally recorded CD includes great tempos and beats so you can enjoy practicing today's most popular Latin dances! 14 songs in all.

Complete Guide to Latin Dancing Video in our Latin Dance section.

Next Generation Swing Cassette

Next Generation Swing Audio Cassette - $14.95

This is not your parents' music!  Features hit songs such as Jump, Jive An' Wail and Zoot Suit Riot - 14 songs in all.  Other songs include Route 66, Don't Let Go, Datin' With no Dough, Blue Suit Boogie, The Rascal King, Hey Kat, I Get a Kick Out of You, Checkbook Daddy-O, Sing Sing Sing, Daddy-O, Oak Tree and Jumpin' At the Green Mill. Swing Videos and DVDs

Christy Lane's Complete Party Dance Music CD

Party Dance Music Music CD - $19.95
Companion CD to Complete Guide to Party Dance video. Includes all the dance music you need to make your party a hit! Designed after a national survey of dancers, instructors and DJ's, this CD includes the Electric Slide, Chicken Dance, Macarena, YMCA, Hands Up and 18 more songs!

Square Dancing Today CD

Square Dance CD CD - $19.95
The accompanying CD for the Square Dancing Today video has 10 songs in all. The five songs from the video are done twice each - once with cues, and once without, so you can call as slow or as fast as you want, based on the dancers' ability level. Songs include: Shake it Up; Two Times; Cotton Eyed Joe; Techno Blue; and What a Wonderful World.

Hip Hop to the Top Music CD

Hip Hop to the Top CD Music CD - $15.00
Contains all the music for Hip Hop To The Top DVD with Barry YoungBlood. In addition, there are four bonus tracks with a cool long play for each selection. Terrific, original Hip Hop music for choreography and routines.


Bob Rizzo's Happy Hip Hop Music CD

Bob Rizzo's Happy Hip Hop CD Music CD - $29.95
Fun, fresh and friendly dance music! Happy Hip Hop is a CD full of terrific, KID-FRIENDLY original dance music for class and routines! Boogie down to 20 tracks of fully orchestrated HIGH ENERGY music! This CD also includes all of the tracks used on the Kidz Hip Hop Jam DVD.


Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Vol. 1 CD

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Volume 1 CD Music CD - $19.95
Hey teachers and students of hip hop! This a a GREAT CD that will motivate you to get up and dance! CLEAN LYRICS, extended music tracks (4-5 minutes per song), popular instrumental versions with a great dance beat! From funk, to radio flavor to old school break to techno, this CD rocks! Inside includes song descriptions, the beat per minutes, the time length ... everything you need for your class or performance. Produced by dance educator Christy Lane.

Tracks Include: Work Your Body; The Bounce; Came to Dance (vocals); Came to Dance; Old School Break; Step Into My World (vocals); Step Into My World; Floor Shaker; Move to the Tempo; Clappin Grove; and Electronic Zone.

50 mins. (2006)

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Vol. 2 CD

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Volume 2 CD Music CD - $19.95
CLEAN LYRICS! Extended music tracks! Song descriptions, beats per minute, and time length listing! All that is included in this one-of-a-kind music CD designed for teachers and students of hip hop. From krunk to funk to reggaeton to techno, this CD will motivate your students to get up and dance! Produced by dance educator Christy Lane.

Tracks Include: Get Funky (vocals); Get Funky; Urban Groove; Shake it Down; Talk About It; The I-10; Krunk & Krazy; The Drip; Wuz Up; TLC; Soul Glow; and LA Night.

50 mins. (2006)

Music Jam CD Vol. 1

Music Jam CD - $29.95
A double length CD with 20 “hot” musical selections for Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop dancing. This fully orchestrated CD features today's latest sounds for use in classroom and routines. It also features music from the following videos: Simply Funk, Urban Funk, Jazz-A-Matazz, Dance NY-Jazz, Dance NY-Lyrical, Funky Rhythm Tap, Hoofin' and Musical Theatre Dance.

50 mins.

Music Jam CD Vol. 2

Music Jam CD Vol. 2 CD - $29.95
Like Music Jam CD-Vol. 1, this CD is loaded with over 50 minutes of great dance music for class and routines. It also has the music for PERCUSSIVE TAP, LYRICAL JAZZ and TECHNO POP. The additional selections include musical stylings such as Latin, House, Big Band and Percussion.

50 minutes

Bob Rizzo's Novelty Dance Tunes CD

Novelty Tunes CD CD - $29.95
A great selection of theatrical music to add character to your dances.  Inspire your creativity with these fresh and fun selections.  Included is music for Charleston, Big Band, Honky Tonk, Patriotic March, Ragtime and many more!

Bob Rizzo's Tap & Groove CD

Tap & Groove CD CD - $29.95
Tap instructor Mark Santoro has compiled terrific, hip tunes for Tap class, choreography and routines.  Extra long bands of  original music will put a new groove into your tapping.  Also included are suggested exercises for each selection.

Bob Rizzo's Funky Dance Music CD

Funky Dance Music CD CD - $29.95
This CD is jam packed with today's hottest dance music.  Great for class, routines, and recitals. Funk around with fully orchestrated bands playing Techno, House, Hip Hop, and Funk. This electric CD will make your dancing soar! (2003)

Bob Rizzo's Original Music for Tap CD

Original Music for Tap CD - $22.95
Tap class just got better! Legendary Tap instructor Charles Kelley and composer Joe Cross have teamed up together to create the best new CD for Tap Class on the market. Featuring segments with extra bands for Barre, Center, Time Steps and Progressions as well as 5 full length arrangements for Routines. This CD is sure to become the new classic in studios across the country. A must for every Tap instructor or student.

Tap Music CD Vol. 2 - Smokin'

Tap Music CD Vol. 2 - Smokin' CD - $22.95
Features 12 arrangements including a variety of jazz songs with different tempos. Stop-Time and classic Shim Sham with breaks are also added to give clarity to the beat. Tracks include: Sweet Georgia Brown; Cheek to Cheek; Fly Me to the Moon; When I Fall In Love; In a Mellow tone; Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars; Blues in the Night; The Soul Jazz Blues; The Way You Look Tonight; Sky Blues; Aint Misbehavin.


Tap Music CD Vol. 3 - Challenge

Tap Music CD Vol. 3 Challenge CD - $22.95
Features 12 arrangements including a variety of jazz songs with different tempos. Stop-Time and classic Shim Sham with breaks are also added to give clarity to the beat. Tracks include: Softly as in a Morning Sunrise; Summertime; Somewhere Over the Rainbow; Bye Bye Blackbird; Georgia On My Mind; That's All; Autumn Leaves; Con Alma; I Got Rhythm; Late Night Blues; What is This Thing Called Love.


Gregg Russell's Music Mix CD

Gregg Russell's Music Mix CD CD - $19.95
This CD contains the music for Gregg's routines on the videos of Ultimate Hip Hop, Tap Remixed and Hip Hop Fuzion. (2004)

Bob Rizzo's Phat & Phunky Dance Music CD

Bob Rizzo's Phat & Phunky Dance Music CD CD - $29.95
Get all fired up with this catchy compilation of Phunky dance Music. All jammin' tracks are street smart, fully orchestrated and great for class, choreography & routines. Chart topping sounds include: HIP HOP, PHUNK, TECHNO and HOUSE.  Features the music from the Phunky Jazz Video.  (2004)

Bob Rizzo's Tap Jamz CD

Bob Rizzo's Tap Jamz CD CD - $29.95
Tap Class just got better! Instructor Mark Santoro has put together an exciting assortment of musical selections to enhance your tap class and inspire your choreography. Entertaining styles include: MUSICAL THEATRE, SOFT SHOE, MILITARY, FUNK, LATIN & MORE!  (2004)

Music From The Goddess Workout - CD

CD - $14.98
Aprox. 47 minutes. Goddess Workout

Music CD for the Classical Ballet Lesson - Beginning Vol. 3

Music CD - $24.95 (Available as part of set below)
For use with "Classical Ballet Lesson - End of Beginning Level" Video.

Music CDs for the Classical Ballet Lesson - Beginning 3-Pack

CD - $62.95
All three of the Beginning Level Music CDs, for this lower package price.

Music for the Classical Ballet Lesson - Advanced Volume 1 CD

Music CD - $24.95
For use with "Classical Ballet Lesson - Beginning of Advanced Level" Video.  (2002)

E.S.P. Noodle Workout Audio

Audio CD - $19.95
Captivating music and sound effects will motivate and cue you through the interval cycles. The sound of bubbles indicates the Cardio section, drum beats for the Strength training, and a siren signifies the Power section. 2 CDs included. CD #1 - music; CD #2 - music with precise vocal cueing. 43 mins. For use with E.S.P. Noodle Workout Video

Aqua Attack Audio

Audio CD - $19.95
Energetic, powerful music will motivate and inspire (126 BPM). 1 Cassette or 2 CDs included.  Cassette Side A or CD #1 - music; Cassette Side B or CD #2- music with precise vocal cueing. 43 mins. For use with Aqua Attack Video

Senior Splash Audio

Audio CD - $19.95
Energize your workout with motivating instrumental music providing the perfect tempo and feel for a water workout (120 BPM). 2 Cassettes or 2 CDs included.  Cassette or CD #1 - music; Cassette or CD #2 - music with precise vocal cueing.  49 mins.

Chicago Steppers - The Next Level Music CD

Chicago Steppers - The Next Level Music CD
Music CD
Music CD - $19.99
The best steppers CD of the year. The Next Level soundtrack features four new songs from Marzette Griffith.

Marzette is a favorite on the steppin' scene, not only because of his smooth and soulful vocal talent, but also because of his ability to move the crowd with his fancy footwork. He was the first champion of the World's Largest Steppers Contest.

The hit single "Hey DJ" is one of the most sought after steppers song this year. The sound track features Bobby Hutton, Brian Henly, Ray Silkman and the song Windy City from the Official Steppers Music CD.


The Official Steppers Music CD

The Official Steppers Music CD
Steppers Music
Music CD - $19.99
Chicago Steppers producer Darryl Davis along with the producers from New York, the camp that brought you Marvin Gaye's Remix, now has this wonderful product that has nothing but new music to step to.

Tracks include: Dance the Night Away, Step it up, Loves Gonna Last w/ Dance Master's Clap, This is a Party, Get Up, Steppers Paradise, Windy City, I Feel Like Steppin', Love Jacked and Double Down.


Celebrate America CD

Celebrate America CD CD - $19.95
Bring your group, school, church, family and friends together for a special occasion of patriotism! This CD contains 20 instrumental patriotic songs. Also included are several choreographed routines using patriotic props, as well as a sign language routine. A portion of the proceeds from this CD go to Save The Children's Fund for U.S. Children In Crisis. 20 favorite American songs are included: You're a Grand Old Flag; Stars And Stripes Forever; Over There; National Emblem; Washington Post; Star Spangled Banner; Anchors Aweigh; Marine Hymn; Navy Hymn; The Caisson's Go Rolling Along; Semper Fidelis; The Thunderer; Battle Hymn of the Republic; Yankee Doodle; Tenting Tonight; Dixie; Yellow Rose of Texas; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; The Yankee Doodle Boy; America the Beautiful.

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