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Exercise Videos and Fitness Videos and DVDs

Exercise videos and DVD from aerobics to yoga, including jump rope, Pilates, pregnancy, step aerobics, stretching, tai chi, toning, treadmill, walking and yoga.

Reasons to buy Exercise Videos and Fitness Videos and DVDs:

  1. Learn from the experts in their field.
  2. No need to coordinate your exercise workout schedule with an instructor or fitness trainer.
  3. No waiting in line to use exercise equipment.
  4. No fighting for floor space in a crowded aerobics or toning class.
  5. You can have your favorite instructor every day.
  6. Fabulous motivation and techniques by world class fitness instructors.
  7. Save money on gym membership.
  8. Save time by not driving to and from the gym.
  9. Use your exercise video tape or DVD as many times as you would like.
  10. Learn in the privacy of your own home; and at your own pace.
  11. Gain confidence from your new look.
  12. Work out at your convenience.
  13. Wear whatever you're comfortable in to exercise class.
  14. Select exercise videos and DVDs that fit your personal interests.
  15. Get the most for your money.
  16. Use on days when you can't get to the gym.
  17. Convenient and fun way to stay in shape!
  18. Birthday and Christmas gifts - gift wrapping available in shopping cart.
  19. Keep New Year's resolution.

Aerobic DVDs and Videos
Aerobics Video and DVD 2
Aquatic Videos & DVDs - Water Aerobics and Swimming
Baby Boomers Fitness Videos and DVDs
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Dance Fitness Video 3
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Kids Dance & Exercise
Pilates Mat Workout Videos and DVD
Pilates Fitness Videos & DVD  2
Pilates Matwork Video & DVD 3
Pilates 4
Pregnancy Exercise Videos and DVDs
Pregnancy Fitness 2 Videos and DVDs
Recovery / Limited Mobility
Qigong DVDs and Videos
Seniors Videos and DVD
Seniors Exercise Video 2
Stability Ball Videos, DVD & Accessories
Stationary Bike Videos and DVDs
Step Aerobic Videos and DVD
Step Aerobics Videos 2
Step Aerobics Videos 3
Step Aerobics Videos 4
Stretching & Warm Up
Stretch and Warm-up 2
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Tae Bo Videos and DVD
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Tone & Firm Videos and DVDs 2
Toning and Firming Videos 3
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Yoga Videos 2
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See also Instructor Series including The Firm and Leslie Sansone.

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