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Seniors Dance and Exercise Videos & DVD

Videos specifically designed for seniors. It's never too late to start an easy exercise program.

More videos on Seniors' Dance Video & DVD

Line Dancing for Seniors Vol. 2 Intermediate Video

Line Dancing for Seniors Volume 2 Intermediate VHS Only - $19.95 vhs
This is an instructional approach to intermediate level line dancing. Master the skill at your own pace in the privacy of home or with a group of friends. In a short time, you'll learn many of the popular dance steps used in country western line dances - the Hitch, Diamond, Heal Brush-Up, Two step and many more. Follow professional dance instructor, Jo Bridges, and her group of seniors as they take you through five dances. Then "Slap leather" and join the line of millions in this wholesome form of recreation and fun.

45 mins. Jo Bridges (2003)
VHS - NTSC format only (Canada, USA).

Most Popular Line Dances for Seniors Video

Most Popular Line Dances for Seniors VHS Only - $19.95 vhs
Now enjoy 8 of the most popular line dances for seniors: The Hustle, Electric Slide, Elvira, Hully Gully, Jive Bunny, Amos Moses, Lambada and Drinking Champagne. Clearly and simply taught, the most difficult line dance steps are made easy. Professional dance instructor, Paul Merola, guides you through each dance, step-by-step, until you have mastered them all. This video provides a great way for people of all ages to exercise and have fun. Includes manual.

75 mins. Paul Merola
VHS - NTSC format only (Canada, USA).

Senior Splash DVD

Senior Splash DVD Only - $19.95
The perfect combination of gentle, yet effective aerobic exercises, muscle toning & strengthening, and posture improving exercises make this the perfect workout for persons over 50 or for other special populations. Also a great choice for persons with arthritis, fibromyalgia, recovering from an injury, or pregnant.

55 min.  (2006)
DVD - Region 1

Senior Splash Audio

Audio CD - $19.95
Energize your workout with motivating instrumental music providing the perfect tempo and feel for a water workout (120 BPM). 2 Cassettes or 2 CDs included.  Cassette or CD #1 - music; Cassette or CD #2 - music with precise vocal cueing.  49 mins.

Healing Exercises for Seniors DVD

Healing for Seniors DVD - $19.95 72 year-old Pat Laster, instructor for 32 years, will lead you in this practical alternative to better health. Regain flexibility, relieve aches and pains and bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

Specifically designed for seniors, this program will guide you through ancient disciplines with proven healing powers. Follow step-by-step instructions as Pat demonstrates six popular healing techniques and exercises which include: YOGA - an ancient form of self-development utilizing various postures combined with breathing and concentration, a total body-mind experience; TAI CHI - flowing movements that help increase energy level and balance; SHIATSU - a form of acupuncture without needles to help relieve headaches, tension and other discomforts; DO-IN - a self massage of your body from head to toe; BREATHING - a technique to help attain vitality and wellness; and RELAXATION & MEDITATION - methods for quieting the mind and body.

60 mins. (DVD-2008)
DVD - All Region

Tai Chi for Health Beginners - Yang Long Form Video

Tai Chi Long & Short VHS Only - $19.98 vhs
Tai Chi Ch'uan has been a living tradition of fitness and health for hundreds of years. Graceful in movement, slow in tempo and fluid in natural postures, T'ai Chi has been practiced for centuries by men and women of all ages and fitness levels. T'ai Chi is meditation in motion. America's leading T'ai Chi instructor, Terence Dunn, offers the most complete, easy-to-use guide to this timeless practice. T'ai Chi emphasizes balance, posture, breathing techniques, concentration and complete relaxation. T'ai Chi harmonizes the energy process within the body, the Chi, and integrates mind and body to place man in the natural order of the universe, the Tao.  Includes step-by-step instructions on 108 postures in Long Form Style along with historical introduction, warm-up and Long Form demonstration.

120 mins. Terence Dunn
VHS - NTSC format only (Canada, USA).

More videos on Seniors' Dance Video & DVD

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