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Aerobic Videos and DVD 2

See also Aerobic Video and DVD 1

Denise Austin: Boot Camp Total Body Blast! Video

Denise Austin Boot Camp Total Body Blast
In Boot Camp Total Body Blast, your personal drill sergeant Denise Austin will transform your body into a fat-burning furnace with dynamic intervals of punches, kicks, and power drills!

Banish flab, burn mega calories and sculpt a champion body with Denise's unique blend of cardio, strength training and fun!

The DVD includes:
Cardio Boot Camp: Blast into shape with this 20-minute, high-energy workout that interchanges short bursts of cardio with longer workout periods that combine kickboxing, sports drills and calorie-crunching calisthenics!
Strength Boot Camp: Experience another level of interval training with this explosive, 20-minute workout that alternates strengthening exercises (using hand weights) with heart-pounding cardio boosts to incinerate fat and keep your heart-rate soaring!
Flexibility: Look and feel better than ever with this 10-minute series of active, isolated, stretching moves and techniques designed to improve your posture, flexibility and overall athletic performance!

50 mins. (2006)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada & USA)

SHAPE: Bikini Body Camp - Transforming Workout Video

SHAPE Bikini Body Camp Transforming Workout DVD Only - $19.98
Join up for Bikini Body Camp, a week-long inclusive, maximum calorie burning program that will finally change your body forever!

Bikini Body Camp is an extraordinarily efficient, 5-day a week program, designed to get you trim, toned, sleek and sexy with visible results in minimal time. You'll spend only 30 minutes a day getting both cardio and strength with SHAPE-style twists with traditional boot camp moves in a boot camp format. By weeks end, you'll torch maximum calories to really jump start fat loss and attack commonly problematic bikini areas like your butt, abs, thighs and arms.

This DVD includes three 30-minute workouts.
Program 1 - Cardio Interval is an amazing calorie burner that ramps up the intensity and then lowers it as if doing hills.
Program 2 - Sculpt Plus is a dynamic total body strength workout using dumbbells and the resistance band included with this DVD.
Program 3 - Potpourri includes a little of everything in three 10-minute increments to whip your body into shape in no time - kickboxing, sculpt and conditioning skills and drills.

Designed for all fitness levels. A set of 3 and 5 pound dumbbells and a resistance band are required. A mat is recommended.
Bonus: Back to basics meal plan and a resistance band included.

90 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Gilad: Ultimate Body Sculpt - Power and Grace Video

Gilad Ultimate Body Sculpt - Power and Grace
The Power and Grace workout is designed to dramatically improve your athletic abilities. In it Gilad helps you increase your strength, speed and stamina through a combination of plyometric, isometric and functional moves.

Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt home video workouts are being called the best workout videos ever made. The workout principal and style is based on Gilad's #1 rated fitness show Total Body Sculpt With Gilad on Fit TV.

Gilad is known for his unique ability to reach out and motivate you by explaining in detail the proper form to use and to make you understand what you are accomplishing and why. In the Ultimate Body Sculpt series Gilad rises to a whole new level of professionalism and takes you right along with him.

55 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat with Harvey Walden Video

Fighting Fit Fighting Fat with Harvey Walden
From VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, join Gunnery Sergeant Harvey Walden IV's Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat as he instructs you in a mission to get fit and lose weight. You've seen him in action, helping celebrities lose weight and improve their fitness; now you can follow his ultimate workout yourself. Aimed at all ages and levels of fitness, this program is designed to produce a flatter, firmer stomach, toned arms, buttocks and thighs and more energy; improving fitness and creating weight loss.

60 min (2006) Harvey Walden
DVD - Region 1 (US, Canada)

Denise Austin's Blast Away 10 Pounds Video

Blast Off 10 Pounds
TV's renowned home fitness expert helps you blast off unwanted weight and boost your metabolism through two fun, 20 minute kickboxing workouts! All you'll need is a set of 3 - 5 pound weights - even soup cans or water bottles will do. Give Denise 20 minutes a day, and watch up to 10 pounds melt away within a month!

 49 mins.  (2000/2005)  Denise Austin
DVD - Region 1.

Gilad Beginners Weight Loss and Toning Program Video

Gilad Beginners Weight Loss and Toning Program DVD Only - $14.99
Ideal for all ages, this routine is a fun, unique way to jump-start your fitness program and get back into shape. Safe and easy to follow, you begin with low-impact aerobics to burn fat. Then a toning program firms and shapes your abdominal, chest, arms, hips, thighs and buttocks. A relaxing stretch at the end is your reward for a job well done.

55 mins. (1995/2004) Gilad
DVD - Region 1.

Keeping Fit in Your 50s - Aerobics Video

Keeping fit in your 50's - Aerobics
 As metabolism begins to slow in your 50's, regular aerobic exercise helps combat weight creep, increase energy and relieve stress. It's not just about looking good anymore. It's about feeling good and having fun! This fact-filled aerobics guide and workout is uniquely designed to address your changing body's needs and to inspire you to get in the best shape of your life.

DVD bonus features include tips for creating a personal fitness plan, Keeping Fit Fundamentals, target heart-rate clock, suggestions for beginners, participant biographies and glossary of terms.

65 mins. (2004) Robyn Stuhr
VHS - NTSC format only (Canada, USA).
DVD - Region 1

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