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Jazz Guitar Instructional Videos and DVDs

Learn to play the jazz guitar or improve your skills with instructional videos. Jazz guitar lessons - scale sequences; arpeggios; chord inversions; extensions; chord melody; how to solo and improvise jazz, blues and be-bop variations.

50 Licks Jazz Style Video

50 Licks Jazz Style
Learn licks, turnarounds, bebop lines and more! Musicians Institute instructor Bruce Buckingham demonstrates the essential licks for the chords and progressions common to jazz II-V-I licks, turnaround licks, chromatic bebop lines, licks for altered chords and major and minor vamps, and more! He illustrates these licks in several styles, such as: swing, bossa nova, samba, swing 16ths, funky fusion and bluesy shuffles. With an accompanying instructional booklet, this DVD is a must for all jazz guitarists!

61 minutes.
DVD - All Region.

Les Paul Instructional Guitar Video

Les Paul VHS only - $19.95
The Les Paul package presents a rare and historical view of the living legend that revolutionized the recording industry. Les not only invented the electric guitar: he also perfected the technique of multi-track recording and developed the first filtration devices for reverb, delay and phasing. This interview interspersed with performance clips takes you up close with Les Paul for a fun, humorous, and incredibly educational view into the awesome world of music as seen by one of the truly great guitarists, musicians, and innovators of all time. 90 minutes.

DVD - $19.95
This Grammy Award-winning jazz/rock guitarist has recorded with Steely Dan, Diana Ross, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, and others. On this video he discusses blues and chord substitution.

52 mins.
VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)
DVD - All Region.

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