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Twelve String Guitar Instructional Videos and DVD

Twelve string guitar lessons; learn how to play the twelve string guitar or improve your skills with instructional videos. Learn the walking basses, dynamic rhythms, full chords and fingerpicking innovations that can be used on this wonderful instrument.

12 String Guitar of Roger McGuinn Video

2 String Guitar of Roger McGuinn DVD - $29.95
Playing his signature Rickenbacker electric 12-string, Roger McGuinn teaches the licks and solos that defined The Byrds' distinctive sound. Master several of the songs and licks that Roger made famous and gather invaluable information about tuning, setting up, and playing 12-string guitar. Songs: Mr. Tambourine Man, Turn, Turn, Turn, Eight Miles High, Mr. Spaceman. He also demonstrates acoustic 12-string techniques while teaching Leadbelly's 'On Easter Morn He Rose.' 

60 mins. Roger McGuinn
DVD - All Region.

12-String Guitar Techniques Video

12-String Guitar VHS only - $29.95
Artist: Happy Traum. The powerful sounds and songs of Leadbelly, Pete Seeger, Blind Willie McTell and others resound through the 12-string guitar. This video lesson teaches the walking basses, dynamic rhythms, full chords and finger picking innovations that can be used on this wonderful instrument. 90 minutes. Level 2/3.

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All video tapes are VHS NTSC format (Canada & USA). See Video Formats to check which countries use NTSC, PAL or SECAM formats.  DVDs are All Region or Region 1 as marked.

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