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Jazz Dance Videos and DVDs 2

Jazz dance video - learn the latest Broadway moves, hot routines for jazz, lyrical & funk or let Bob Rizzo teach you over 50 turn and jump variations.

See also Jazz dance video 1.

Lifts For Kids Video

Lifts For Kids DVD Only  - $39.99 DVD
 This material-filled video presents lifts and partnering skills for young dancers taught by Don Mirault and demonstrated by two young teams, one ages 7 and 8, the other ages 11 and 12.

Don presents a variety of easy and effective lifts you can integrate into your choreography. Along with individual lifts, Don shows the basic mechanics of lifting, proper line and hand placement, how to adjust lifts to each dancer's strengths, and how to develop teams.

Competition studios - lifts and partner work always score high! Schools - boys love the challenge of lifts! It allows them to immediately shine as they increase their technique level! Created to meet the demand of dance teachers!

50 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Principles of Choreography Video

Principles of Choreography
DVD Only - $36.99 DVD
Creating dynamic choreography can be an insurmountable challenge whether you're a studio teacher creating a jazz dance for a recital, a modern dance teacher preparing for your school's annual concert, or the director of an elite performing group getting ready to compete.

Janet Roston shows you how to utilize the basic principles of choreography to create dances with IMPACT! This unique video incorporates both modern and jazz styles to illustrate a variety of ways to create powerful choreography that will excite your audience! Integrate these concepts into your classes as well as on the stage. Make a difference in your choreography NOW!

40 mins. (1999) Janet Roston
DVD - All Region

Dancin' Habit 3 Video

Dancin' Habit 3 DVD Only - $39.99 DVD
Three exciting Intermediate Level Jazz Combinations. Each is presented facing front and back with an easy step-by-step approach.

Janet Roston shows how to simplify or increase difficulty and how you can develop these combinations into full-length performance pieces. The first combo: a light, lyrical, romantic routine, that celebrates dance and life; featuring a luscious track by recording artist Jan Stevens. The second: A mysterious, haunting Spanish-styled combo; dramatic and powerful. The third: A funky routine, fun and fast-paced, with an opportunity for dancers to flaunt their personality! Dance notes are included.

50 mins. (2007) Janet Roston
DVD - All Region

Bob Rizzo 50 Turns & Jumps Video

50 Turns & Jumps DVD Only - $39.95 DVD
The Ultimate Turn & Jump Video Dictionary.

International teacher and choreographer Bob Rizzo teaches you over 50 turn and jump variations for beginner through advanced dancers in this exciting, fast paced video class.

Beginning with basic turns and jumps you will then progress on to the more challenging, show stopping variations. Straddle jumps, Barrel turns, ReversŤ jumps, and turning Switch leaps are only a few of the more explosive moves you'll learn on this tape! Each turn and jump is taught in brief segments and then demonstrated in short combinations. An excellent companion for classroom work, and ideal for use in choreography and competition routines in jazz, lyrical, and character dancing!

Bob Rizzo teaches dance for the undergraduate program at New York University and at STEPS on Broadway. He has choreographed for the New York Stage, National Tours, Stock, Dinner Theater, Commercials, Industrials and Television. In addition, he teaches professional dance classes throughout the United States and Europe.

Bob Rizzo (2004)
DVD - All Region

Jazz Workout Video

Jazz Workout DVD
Dance your way into shape. An exciting exercise videotape which is also an introduction to jazz dancing. Ann Coombes, a dance instructor for over 10 years, leads a class that helps beginners develop a routine, and paces accomplished dancers through their workouts. The workout includes warm-up, floor progressions and dance combinations.  Regular use of the Jazz Workout will strengthen and shape the legs and total body, as well as increase flexibility.

55 mins.  (2005) Ann Coombes
DVD - All Region.

Bob Rizzo's Funky Dance Music CD

Funky Dance Music CD CD - $29.95
This CD is jam packed with today's hottest dance music.  Great for class, routines, and recitals. Funk around with fully orchestrated bands playing Techno, House, Hip Hop, and Funk. This electric CD will make your dancing soar! (2003)

Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 2 - Low Intermediate DVD

Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 2 - Low Intermediate DVD
Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 2 - Low Intermediate DVD
DVD - $29.95

For the novice as well as a refresher for the experienced dancer, this video builds on the basic techniques as described in the Level 1 Beginning DVD and then progresses to a low intermediate level.

Includes correct terminology, rhythmic exercises, traveling steps, kicks, turns, leaps, floor work and a combination. There is a special section on proper conditioning for dance.

For ages 10 through adult.
50 mins. (1990/2003)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 3 - High Intermediate DVD

Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 3 - High Intermediate DVD
Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 3 - High Intermediate DVD
DVD - $29.95

A progression from Level 2 Low Intermediate DVD, the techniques in this video are demonstrated by professional dancers Christy Lane and Jeff Amsden.

Additional body positions, traveling steps, kicks, turns and leaps are demonstrated at a more advanced level. Includes a special section on How To Jump.

For ages 11 through adult.
45 mins. (1990/2003)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane' Jazz Dance Level 4 - Advanced DVD

Christy Lane' Jazz Dance Level 4 - Advanced DVD
Christy Lane' Jazz Dance Level 4 - Advanced DVD
DVD - $29.95

This video is a must for the committed dancer and teacher.

A progression from the Level 3 High Intermediate DVD, the techniques in this video are demonstrated by professional dancer Jeff Amsden along with Christy Lane. Includes correct terminology, rhythmic exercises, traveling steps, kicks, turns, leaps, floorwork, combinations and a special section on how to perform. A lyrical and a progressive combination are taught at the end.

For ages 11 through adult.
40 mins. (1990/2003)
DVD - All Region

Music Jam CD Vol. 1

Music Jam CD - $29.95
A double length CD with 20 “hot” musical selections for Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop dancing. This fully orchestrated CD features today's latest sounds for use in classroom and routines. It also features music from the following videos: Simply Funk, Urban Funk, Jazz-A-Matazz, Dance NY-Jazz, Dance NY-Lyrical, Funky Rhythm Tap, Hoofin' and Musical Theatre Dance.  50 mins.

See also Jazz Dance Videos 1.

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All video tapes are VHS NTSC format (Canada & USA). See Video Formats to check which countries use NTSC, PAL or SECAM formats.  DVDs are All Region or Region 1 as marked.

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See also Jazz dance video 1 or check out all our Videos & DVDs.

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