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Bob Rizzo Tap Dance Videos and DVDs 3

Learn to tap dance with Bob Rizzo videos and DVDs.

More Bob Rizzo 1 and Bob Rizzo 2

Bob Rizzo's Tap Remixed Video

Tap remixed DVD Only - $39.95
Popular Tap instructor Gregg Russell takes traditional tap steps and remixes them into his own unique, cutting edge style. Learn his warm-up, original variations, counter rhythms and an extended, long-play routine danced by Gregg and his partner Ryan Lohoff. Burn the floor with this percussive, innovative and coolly creative choreography! All steps taught slowly from the back for easy learning.

60 mins. (2003) Gregg Russell
DVD - All Region.

Bob Rizzo's Original Music for Tap CD

Original Music for Tap CD - $22.95
Tap class just got better! Legendary Tap instructor Charles Kelley and composer Joe Cross have teamed up together to create the best new CD for Tap Class on the market. Featuring segments with extra bands for Barre, Center, Time Steps and Progressions as well as 5 full length arrangements for Routines. This CD is sure to become the new classic in studios across the country. A must for every Tap instructor or student.

Tap Music CD Vol. 2 - Smokin'

Tap Music CD Vol. 2 - Smokin' CD - $22.95
Features 12 arrangements including a variety of jazz songs with different tempos. Stop-Time and classic Shim Sham with breaks are also added to give clarity to the beat.

Tap Music CD Vol. 3 - Challenge

Tap Music CD Vol. 3 Challenge CD - $22.95
Continued from Volume 2, features 12 arrangements including a variety of jazz songs with different tempos. Stop-Time and classic Shim Sham with breaks are also added to give clarity to the beat.

Bob Rizzo's Tap & Groove CD

Tap & Groove CD CD - $29.95
Tap instructor Mark Santoro has compiled terrific, hip tunes for Tap class, choreography and routines.  Extra long bands of  original music will put a new groove into your tapping.  Also included are suggested exercises for each selection.

Bob Rizzo's Funky Dance Music CD

Funky Dance Music CD CD - $29.95
This CD is jam packed with today's hottest dance music.  Great for class, routines, and recitals. Funk around with fully orchestrated bands playing Techno, House, Hip Hop, and Funk. This electric CD will make your dancing soar! (2003)

Simply Swing Video

Simply Swing DVD - $19.98
Swing is the thing, so join in the craze with popular New York instructor Dan Weltner.

Learn all the basics of Swing dance plus some fun, exciting variations to keep you hopping. Dan and his partner will show you an easy to follow, step-by-step breakdown of each movement. Tuck Turns, Lindy Circle, Aeroplane, and the Jig Walk are only a few of the jammin' steps you'll learn on this tape. Put on your dancing shoes and join the SWINGSATION!

Dan Weltner is one of the most recognized Swing and Ballroom dance instructors in New York City. Aside from performing internationally, Dan is also a featured performer in Tony Bennett's MTV video, "Steppin Out With My Baby." Directed and produced by Bob Rizzo.

DVD - All Region

Music Jam CD Vol. 1

Music Jam CD - $29.95
A double length CD with 20 “hot” musical selections for Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop dancing. This fully orchestrated CD features today's latest sounds for use in classroom and routines. It also features music from the following videos: Simply Funk, Urban Funk, Jazz-A-Matazz, Dance NY-Jazz, Dance NY-Lyrical, Funky Rhythm Tap, Hoofin' and Musical Theatre Dance.

50 mins.

Bob Rizzo's Novelty Dance Tunes CD

Novelty Tunes CD CD - $29.95
A great selection of theatrical music to add character to your dances.  Inspire your creativity with these fresh and fun selections.  Included is music for Charleston, Big Band, Honky Tonk, Patriotic March, Ragtime and many more!

More Bob Rizzo 1 and Bob Rizzo 2

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