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Firm Videos & DVDs 2

Firm Videos and DVD - total body shapers and cross-trainers.

Firm videos have consistently been named “the most effective I have used” by 99% of Firm users.

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The Firm Fast & Trim: Calorie Killer Video

The Firm: Fast & Trim: Calorie Killer DVD Only - $14.95
Get an intensive, super-efficient workout in just 30 minutes.  A super-efficient, calorie-killing sweat!  If you want to break a sweat and burn extra calories, Firm Calorie Killer is the workout for you!  This fast-paced, fun-filled  workout gets down to business quickly to burn fat and increases your energy fast!  Calorie Killer was designed to burn fat while teaching you unique sports drills that will help you manage your everyday life, and stay on top of your game!  Using The Firm Sculpting Stick to increase intensity, Master Instructor Nancy Tucker leads you through kickboxing moves, sports drills, and classic step aerobic moves combined with The Firm's signature light weight training moves and Fanny Lifter exercises that make time fly and calories burn!

Equipment needed:  Firm Fanny Lifter or step; Firm Sculpting Stick or weighted bar.

43 mins. (2004) The Firm Nancy Tucker
DVD - All Region

The Firm: Power Yoga Video

The Firm Power Yoga
Firm Power Yoga will sculpt your upper body, abs, hips, thighs and buttocks while stretching your muscles for a longer, leaner more toned body. Relieves the stress in achy joints, gain greater mobility, energize and refocus with FIRM POWER YOGA! Every move in this workout does double-duty - stretch one muscle while you strengthen another. This is the perfect compliment to your other FIRM workouts. Still want to move, but can't find the energy to pick up a weight or work out to a high energy beat? FIRM POWER YOGA is your answer. No equipment required! This workout uses your own bodyweight as resistance. You'll shape and strengthen all the muscles of your body while holding positions that improve your flexibility and balance while sculpting great abs. FIRM master instructor Kristen Stohecker leads you through 30 minutes of power stretches and energizing movement that will leave you refreshed and relaxed! Equipment: Optional Yoga Mat.

37 mins.  (2004)
DVD - All Region.

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