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Christy Lane Dance Videos and DVDs

Christy Lane is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor. Christy Lane's dance instructional videos can help you learn to dance.

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Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 50's and 60's DVD

Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 50's and 60's DVD
 Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 50's and 60's
DVD - $19.95

Put on your poodle skirt and roll up your jeans because swing is back and so are the dances of the 50's!

This video includes the national versions based on a nationwide survey of the most popular dances of the 50's and 60's. Learn the East Coast Swing, Stroll, Hand Jive, Bunny Hop and more. Then look "far-out" and "cool" in your bell bottoms doing the dances of the 60's including the Twist, Jerk, Monkey, Pony, Swim, Mashed Potatoes, Skate, Shimmy and more!

This three camera video was shot with the instructors back to the camera so the viewer can get the best view for learning the dances. These dances are fun to do whether you are a kid or an adult. With all the recent interest in the oldies, you can't miss out learning these dances for your next party!

40 mins. (1996/2010)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 70's DVD

Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 70's DVD
 Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 70's
DVD - $19.95

Welcome to the disco era! A time when everyone was feeling “groovy” in their polyester, platform shoes, and gold chains. Disco dancing is still “in”.

On this video, Christy Lane shows you two of the most popular line dances of the 70's, the Night Fever Line Dance and the Bus Stop. Also included are some solo dances and the ever popular partner dances, the Street Hustle and the Latin Hustle.

Geared towards ages 11 through adults, this is a must for your video collection library.

40 mins. (1996/2010)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 80's DVD

Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 80's DVD
 Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 80's
DVD - $19.95

Welcome to the 1980's! The time when music television made its debut and compact discs were outselling vinyl records! Funky style dancing was the craze and it was fashionable to wear parachute pants, biker shorts or sweats.

So whether you are practicing for an upcoming party or you just want to invite your friends over, get ready to look awesome doing the dances of the 80's including the Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Robo Cop, Cabbage Patch, Moonwalk, Funky Twist, New Kids Move, Poppin’, Lockin’ and More!

40 mins. (1996/2010)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane's Sports Music and Novelty Themes Music CD

Novelty Themes Music Music CD - $19.95 DVD

Over 50 of the best-known sport themes, marches, cheers and sound effects used by professional DJ’s throughout the country.

From the “Rocky” theme to “Chariots of Fire” to the “Charge!” cheer, this CD can be used as a substitute for a school band, background music for any sporting event, PE activity, class or a dance performance. These tracks sound exactly like the originals! The best production quality you will ever hear! Recommended for all ages.

Track Listing:
SPORTS CHEER - 1. Charge! (organ); 2. Charge! (trumpet); 3. Motivator; 4. Let's Go; 5. One; 6. Rock You; 7. Na Na Hey Hey; 8. Land of 1,000 Dances; 9. Rock & Roll Part 2; 10. Mission Impossible; 11. Chariots of Fire; 12. Sirius; 13. Notre Dame Fight Song; 14. Sweet Georgia Brown; 15. Rocky; 16. Take Me Out to the Ballgame; 17. William Tell Overture; 18. Washington Post March.

NOVELTY SONGS - 19. 2001 Space Odyssey; 20. 20th Century Fox; 21. Olympic Theme; 22. Carnival - Gladiators March; 23. Circus- Over the Waves; 24. Politics - Hail to the Chief; 25. Military - Stars & Stripes Forever; 26. Candy - The Candyman; 27. Camp - Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda; 28. Cruise - Gilligan's Island; 29. Beauty - Miss America; 30. Patriotic - Yankee Doodle Dandy; 31. Royalty - Masterpiece Theatre; 32. Desert - Fanfare for the Common Man; 33. Strange - Twilight Zone; 34. Scary - Jaws; 35. Friends - Thank You For Being a Friend; 36. Friends - As long as we've got each other; 37. TV - Entertainment Tonight; 38. Talent - Star Search Theme; 39. Hawaiian - Aloha Oe; 40. Surfing - Hawaii Five-O; 41. Broadway - Lullaby of Broadway; 42. Mardi Gras - When the Saints Come Marching In; 43. Sneaky - Pink Panther Theme; 44. Anticipation - Techno Entrance; 45. Hip Hop - Techno Entrance.

BONUS TRACKS: SOUND EFFECTS - 46. Siren; 47. Bell; 48. Buzzer; 49. Gong; 50. Laugh Track; 51. Applause; 52. Applause with Whistles; 53. Rim Shot ;54. Drum Roll; 55. Drum Roll (Long); 56. Conga Noises; 57. Ahhhhh; 58. Wah Wah Wah; 59. Shhhhhh.

Circuit Training & P.E. Stations CD-Rom For Kids, Teens & Adults

Circuit Training & P.E. Stations CD-Rom For Kids, Teens & Adults
 Circuit Training & P.E. Stations CD-Rom For Kids, Teens & Adults

CD-ROM - $29.95 DVD

Circuit training, also known as "Stations" by physical educators, is the biggest craze today because of the fun and variety it offers. A great way to keep fit, this CD and Guide was created by Christy Lane and Brett Kilka with years of teaching experience combined with recommendations from instructors around the U.S.

Included in this package is a program for kids, teens and adults as well as individual workouts and class workouts. The music rocks! The #1 songs from popular sound tracks to Ricky Martin, J-Lo and Flo Rida at the perfect exercise beat will guarantee to get you moving! Check out the music tracks with Coaching Cues!

20-Minute Workout: 1) Warm-Up (5 min.); 2) Eight Station Workout (one minute on, 15 seconds off); and 3) Cool Down (5 min)

30-Minute Workout: 4) Warm-Up (5 min); 5) Sixteen Station Workout (one minute on, 15 seconds off); and 6) Cool Down (5 min)

7) Continuous Music Medley (20 min)

Also included is a printable illustrated guide with over 125 pages! We even included wall signs for you to post! Get moving! Order today!

Please note: This is a CD-rom. Place it in your sound system to play the music, then put it in your computer to print the Guide.


Christy Lane's Stretch and Yoga Music CD for Children

Christy Lane's Stretch and Yoga Music
Music CD Only - $19.95
Soothing enjoyable music for children that is so needed in today's times. This instrumental CD includes the perfect tempo for stretching and great variety from Native American drums to orchestrated "clouds".

This CD is a great resource for teachers and a great way to encourage the mind to work with the body.

Playlist: 1. Morning Smiles; 2. Gentle Nature; 3. Reflections; 4. Floating on Raindrops; 5. Call to Nature; 6. Opening Blossoms; 7. Cloud Sailing; 8. Nursery Rhyme Stretch; 9. Happy Thoughts; and 10. Nature Calls Back.


Square Dancing Today Video

Square Dancing Today DVD Only - $29.95
Get ready, it's time to join the old with the new and learn Square Dancing as it is danced today! From fancy fiddlin' to high energy techno, this video will introduce you to the basic square dance calls and moves. Follow along as professional square dance caller Pat Carnathan and his group of dancers teach you the calls step-by-step and then perform the movements to five great songs!

45 mins.  (2006)
DVD - All Region

Square Dancing Today CD

Square Dance CD Music CD - $19.95
The accompanying CD for the Square Dancing Today video has 10 songs in all. The five songs from the video are done twice each - once with cues, and once without, so you can call as slow or as fast as you want, based on the dancers' ability level. Songs include: Shake it Up; Two Times; Cotton Eyed Joe; Techno Blue; and What a Wonderful World.

Square Dancing Today Volume 2 CD-Rom

Square Dancing Today Volume 2 CD-Rom CD-Rom Only - $19.95
Wow, Volume 2 really rocks with our popular Country Kickin' song along with some disco and some more techno.

This is a CD-Rom which contains both the music and guide on the disc. Just put it into your sound system to play the music, and then put it into your computer to print the guide! This 10 song CD includes the vocal versions for you to follow and the instrumental versions for you to mix and match the calls.

Playlist: Country Kickin', Doadisco, Techno Jam, Spring Break and Soul Man.


Square Dancing Today Volume 3 Video

Square Dancing Today Volume 3 DVD Only - $29.95
Did you know Square Dancing is an international form of dance? People are Square Dancing all over the world! So you can have fun mixing and matching the order of these international calls or join national dance instructor Pat Carnathan as he calls them for you!

It's time to learn: Veer Family, Wheel and Deal Family, Double Pass Thru, Flutterwheel, Reverse Flutterwheel, Zoom, Sweep a Quarter, Touch 1/4, Hinge, Trade By, Circulate Family, and Ferris Wheel to these great new songs: Country Rocker, Disco Boogie, Techno Twirls, Good Ol' Days, and Moon Dance.

Note: This DVD is a continuation of the Square Dancing Today Volume 2. It is important that you know the calls in Volume 1 & 2 before you learn Volume 3.

40 mins. (2008)
DVD - All Region

Square Dancing Today Volume 3 CD-Rom

Square Dancing Today Volume 3 CD-Rom CD-Rom Only - $19.95
Square Dancing is performed to many different styles of music today. We listened to our customers' feedback and created another CD with lots of variety. If you want country, we have a modern country rocker or an older style called Good Ol' Days. We added a disco song and a techno song and ended with the singing call Moon Dance. We hope you enjoy this CD-Rom which includes the music AND the guide.

Playlist: Country Rocker, Disco Boogie, Techno Twirls, Good Ol' Days and Moon Dance.


Workin' Out to Country Aerobics Video

Workin' Out to Country Aerobics DVD Only - $19.95
This video combines the exhilaration of a complete aerobic workout with the fun and excitement of country line dancing! You'll have a foot-stompin' good time doing the Cowboy Boogie and other popular line dance steps to live  music in a down home country setting.

This program has been reviewed by an exercise physiologist and has original music by the Kelly Hughes band. Formally called “Sweatin' to Country”, this video is a safe, effective workout for ages 9 through adult.

45 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane's Tinikling Today in the USA Video

Christy Lane's Tinikling Today in the USA DVD Only - $39.95
Tinikling is a traditional folk dance that originated in the Philippines. It is performed by jumping and dancing over long poles to music. It has become a popular fitness activity in schools and with youth groups. It is a fun and effective way to work the cardiovascular system while learning rhythm, balance, strength and coordination. Today it is performed to contemporary, fun music!

This DVD and CD-Rom combination pack includes the basic techniques, skills, drills, music, guide and 3 great routines to make your Tinikling experience easy and fun to do! Written and produced by national dance educator, Christy Lane.

DVD - 40 mins.  CD-Rom - 30 mins.  (2006)
DVD - All Region

Learn the Dances of the 70's Video

Learn the Dances of the 70's VHS Only - $19.95 vhs
Disco is back & hotter than ever! Join in on this national dance craze and learn the popular dances of the 70's including the Street Hustle, Latin Hustle, Night Fever Line Dance, Bus Stop, Four Corners, Bump & More! Put on your polyester and platform shoes and check this out.

40 minutes. Christy Lane
VHS - NTSC format only (Canada, USA).

Learn the Dances of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's Video

Learn the Dances of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's DVD Only - $55.00
Includes all three of Christy Lane's "Learn the Dances" titles above on one DVD.

120 mins. (2005) Christy Lane
DVD - Region 1.

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